Rebuilding our community,                            stronger and more committed than ever.

So many of us were reminded of the importance of resilience as Hurricane Sandy swept through the area last autumn, leaving us with a completely changed landscape. Over 8,000 street trees in New York City were destroyed, and many community gardens were damaged—a devastating impact overall on the city’s green infrastructure. Trees, community gardens, and green spaces like BBG play a pivotal role in the well-being of our neighborhoods.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden is proud to be in the forefront of the city’s green recovery efforts through its community engagement programs and is dedicated to providing resources, training, and hands-on assistance, neighborhood by neighborhood, to help regreen Brooklyn. The services BBG provides to the community are offered free to all who need them, thanks to the generous support of friends like you.  Won’t you join us this spring with a gift of $50 or more to further BBG’s efforts to revitalize our community?

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